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We love your art! We also love games. So we combined the two and got Space Computer to turn your submissions to the Earth Museum of Awesomeness into PUZZLES!

This month we're talking about stories! We've been celebrating tales of brave explorers and epic journeys, and what's more epic than being turned into Lego? Our friends Team Alice sent in this fabulous picture of Captain Noisy turned into Lego, and we turned it into a puzzle! Can you turn it back into a whole picture?

If you'd like us to turn one of your artworks into a puzzle, all you need to do is send it in to us using the link below. Go on, send us something adventurous!

You can find the complete picture in our Earth Museum of Awesomeness, or you can...

Send us a picture of your art!

Upload your picture here and maybe you will see your art turned into a puzzle!

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